A day at Kinder



Kindergarten Program

The kindergarten program offers the opportunity for both social and educational growth, it is designed to promote children’s whole development. That is physical, social, emotional and educational. We deliver a structured indoor/outdoor play based program where children are encouraged to participate in group and individual activities through a combination of structured and free play.

A copy of the program is displayed on the noticeboard. Teachers encourage families/ caregivers to review the program and contribute by providing feedback either via email or directly to the teacher.

A typical session at kindergarten follows the below routine:

Indoors: Children are encouraged to explore and learn through both structured and unstructured activities. Play experiences such as puzzles, books and construction sets are regularly rotated. Structured activities relating to the program are set up on tables where children are encouraged to build on fine motor skills, creativity and sensory processing. There is also ample opportunity for uninterrupted play where children are encouraged to socialise and build relationships through dramatic/ pretend play set ups.

Time for food: Children are seated inside at tables to eat and drink. The program offers 2 food breaks, a progressive snack and communal lunch break where all children sit together.

Mat time: Children participate in a large group experience such as story, music, small movement, game or conversational activity on the mat.

Outside: Children have a vast playground where they are free to engage and play based on their interests. From a large sandpit/ digging patch area; to climbing frames, cubby house and bike tracks. Teachers will also provide a variety of small play equipment pieces for children to use on the open grass/tanbark area. 

Mat Time: At the end of the session children return to the mat where they may participate in a wind down relaxation activity or share in stories or song before pick up.

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